Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Can you believe it 2009, that doesn't seem real. I have met so many good friends here and I treasure all of you. I am so thankful for my family and friends, good health and love from all of you.

Tonight is New Years Eve and I will be at home with my two Whippets, Merlin and Kaley. I will be watching the ball drop in Times Square, that is if I can stay awake that late. I will grab my knitting and a bottle of Crystal Lite and celebrate.

Please say some prayers for my grandson Christopher as he will be deployed to Afghanistan next month. He is just 21 years old and my first Grandson.

Wishing all my family and friends a very Happy, Healthy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year Elayne..I have been slow at blogging..Everyone coming and going, couldn't get to it..Will be praying for Christopher..
    I didn't make 9pm,New Years..The kids always teased us..even in our younger days, couldn't make midnight..

  2. A very happy New Year to you. I like how you celebrated New Year's eve. Sounded good to me :)

  3. Very new at blogging, will pray for Christopher. I am looking for info to do some 6x9 rectangles for our servicemen. Can you help me?
    Joann Roche email, I found you at

  4. I am very proud of myself..I am back here again to check on you..I have been so sloppy, as I said on my other comment..I don't know what happened..the holidays threw me for a loop..trying to get back into the swing of things..Hope you are doing well..

  5. Happy New Year Elayne! Though Christopher is one man, he makes a difference for an entire country ;-) He is in our prayers every day!