Saturday, November 15, 2008

I had my cataract surgery

Hi everyone,I had my cataract surgery on Thursday and it was a wonderful experience. I can see blocks away and everything is so sharp and clear and the whites are white, I thought they were yellow. It is amazing what they can do. I had my follow up appt yesterday and the surgeon said I am healing fine. I do have to take three different drops four times a day. I don't have to wear my glasses any more, I have worn them since I was seven years old. I will need reading glasses though, and will get a pair tomorrow at Walmart. I am using my old ones right now for reading. I also did some knitting last night. I am so thrilled.

Yesterday, I even took the dogs for a walk. The hospital gave me dark wrap around glasses so the bright sun did not bother me.



  1. Oh that is so wonderful!! I'm very happy to hear all went well. How fun that you are knitting again. Take care, take it easy, but enjoy all the beauty!

  2. OH it's great to have you back! And how wonderful the news :-)

  3. Oh so happy to read this blog..Glad all went well..always thinking about you and how it went..Very happy..